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FOX Business
Oct 5, 2012 3:00pm EDT
liz: you have developed the rain here in cleveland. this great american city that is open for business. good afternoon everybody. this is countdown to the closing valve. we are right on the waterfront in cleveland for day to. big news today. the jobs report for the month of september. the economy added about 114,000 jobs for the month. unexpectedly bringing the unemployment rate down to 7.8%. the best we have seen in several years. frankly, what better place to be had here in the buckeye state. number four nationwide in an employment rate. business is booming in cleveland. we have even more of the cities top names in business for you. we have been here all day. only one thing president obama and mitt romney agreed on at the debate is that the cleveland clinic is doing healthcare right. coming up this hour, we are speaking to a doctor at the cleveland clinic about his prime time shot up and more importantly what about what mitt romney has said about getting rid of the healthcare brand in the healthcare law that the president has pushed forward. he has some interesting point
FOX Business
Oct 31, 2012 3:00pm EDT
. they made a smart move. that is the right way to do business. liz: i want to bring your attention to two names that were there, we have western union. we should let people know western union cut their 2013 outlook. ford motor company is a shining star here, as is, general motors. i want to get to the cme. now the storm has passed, give us a sense of commodity land and what you see here? we did the crude oil higher. >> second straight monthly loss. gold really getting to, you know, somewhat of a pullback this last month. dropping off that 1700 level. like sandra and i said last week, we will have a little bounce back and redid. the s&p, the trading is definitely down. they are not trading on the new york, their conditions are held short here in chicago. the market on close orders, you mentioned this, anything can happen, it is october 31, look at that volume that disappeared this last couple days coming to closure. liz: we want to let people know, again, with about 51 units to go before the exchange is closed today, anything could happen. we will walk you through all of this. folks, just
FOX Business
Oct 8, 2012 8:00pm EDT
obama well he better look out, welcome i am liz mcdonald in for neil cavuto, mitt romney's debate performance erasing the president's lead according to gallup, republican contendor now five points behind going into next debate, both nominees are dead even. a new pew poll, showing mitt romney, jumping 4 points ahead. to pat goodell, a game changer, thank you for joining us, what do you make of this idea. do the debates matter or not in chances of someone winning the election? >> they do matter a great dial, this is biggest single debate in helping a candidate since ronald reagan. it was one debate, in carter in '76 they proved people were comfortable to him becoming president. less:liz: said no more presidel debates. >> that is right, until 1976, i remember i went did the research, getting ready for 76 debate, i assume like everyone else legend was that kennedy won first debate big and moved polls a lot, he had not, he moved them a few points but he got what i call credibility threshold. the reason that romney is doing so well, not vote numbers alone. he did was, you could see it
FOX Business
Oct 11, 2012 3:00pm EDT
-term profits off the table, they are. liz: dan, you are at the cme. the dow ticking up by about 4 points right now. i would argue everybody should always listen to a vice presidential debate because they are the one heart beat away from the president, but putting politics aside, you know, the earnings numbers okay so they may not show a ton of muscle or activity, if you will, is it that bad? how do you view what's happening earnings right now? >> if you look at earnings, for the last few quarters we have had low expectations and beaten them. it will be no different this time. you have to pay attention to it. but the expectations are low. and we will probably beat them. as far as today's move, it is definitely the california situation. we went out of here yesterday, went out weak. had a spain downgrade. that should have had some effect. it did initially. liz: explain to our viewers what you mean by that. >> it looks as if there's anywhere between 15 and 25,000 jobs that were underreported on today's jobless claims number. you put those in, you're back to the number we expected, a little bit bet
FOX Business
Oct 8, 2012 3:00pm EDT
why we are at these levels. liz: those polls, every which way the wind blows. let me now look at gary who is in the cme pits right now. when you see that equities, if you have not been in there, you have missed out over the past 52 weeks. both the nasdaq and s&p. and you have to dow up 42%. does that continue, do you think we met i really think that we will see, in this next quarter, that we will see some pulling back on these. i think it will be pretty strong. i do not see these numbers holding up that much longer. i am very very leery of it right now. liz: okay. i have heard a lot of people say that, though, gary, over and over again. they continue to climb that so-called wall of worry. >> volumes have been relatively light and not just this past week over the last couple of weeks. we are looking at the dinner volume level. it is not taking a lot to run these up. i do believe we will see a pretty big pullback on the indices in the very near future. liz: wait until you hear in just a few minutes what tom of jpmorgan thinks. completely different view here. let me get to jeff who is at
FOX Business
Oct 19, 2012 3:00pm EDT
sick feeling about it, can't follow through with anything. liz: listen, intel and ibm were not so great. we have the sandisk ceo today and that stock is really considerably higher. let me get to the chicago mercantile exchange, gary, to see a lot of commodities today because the dollar strengthened against the euro and the yen, but to see gold drop as much as it's dropping is kind of interesting, is it not? >> yeah, it certainly is, and what's probably causing a lot of that is we're looking over to europe. we're trying to see is spain going to take the bait? are they going to take some of the money? also again, we still have greece in the background, hands up, and nobody is really talking about italy right now. again, there's just that uncertainty. the dollar. the euro is holding above that 130 range. so we're seeing the metals pulling down for right now and silver is doing the same. silver is down 80 cents rite now. -- right now. everybody is sitting on the side lines they are waiting to see is spain going to take it. also what's going to happen here in the u.s. in the next few weeks.
FOX Business
Oct 16, 2012 3:00pm EDT
broke through with the 50 day moving average and has rallied. liz: to see the jump of 32 points is pretty significant? >> i think so. depending how you look at it that looks like a perfect head and shoulders. now rallying back to the resistance level. the bottom line it is a rising tide rewrite in the sweet spot that is good levying the citi group problem aside the market has always done well we get a backdrop the combination of which pushes them higher. i think there is a lot of bears choking one week ago it looked like they were going the other way. [laughter] liz:he mos positive i have heard you. a lot of viewers own city group's stock. it open in stock frank, regulators, we do not want to ignore that.not the broy or that action over the last hour. and as we continue to get the rally but last friday we have a rally and evaded over the last hour. 1460 level resistance if not above that it has not made any new highs going back after the fed announcement. there's really nothing to talk about we have great fundamentals here at home. we still make the 30 day high. i am not a belie
FOX Business
Oct 23, 2012 3:00pm EDT
more exciting. liz: i thought everybody in this economy, why aren't we seeing any kind of real bounds although we are 60 points off of the lows of the session. the dow and s&p on the lowest levels for seven weeks. where are the bargain hunters? >> the bargain hunters are staying at home and they should be staying at home. october 9 the imf quietly revamped the gdp and downgraded this year and next year. we don't have good earnings. even after we have lowered the bar so low, easily get over it and we are not. liz: are you saying things will gewouldget worse before they get better? wait a little bit longer and get a cheaper stock? >> yes, definitely they get worse before they get better. not because of economic reasons. liz: you could count of the earnings don't look so good. that is somewhat of a reason that is pretty fundamental. and look at crude oil. do you wait around and try to scoop up some bargains in the oil space? exxonmobil and chevron looking very weak, and look at crude oil at the moment. it pretty interesting level, i would say. $86 yesterday, actually the cme traders, sai
FOX Business
Oct 4, 2012 3:00pm EDT
from business to politics to rock and roll. i am liz claman. live from cleveland, ohio. this is "countdown to the closing bell." a day where we are seeing a pretty significant rally. one day before president barack obama comes to ohio again. both he and the governor have been here many many times. it is a key battleground state. fox business is choosing great american cities like cleveland and our open for business series to talk about no matter what the economic atmosphere, companies are making it happen. cleveland was a stop in my career. back in the early 90s. i covered everything. it was a big story, marsh fires. i was at hurricane andrew. i know, the hair, please. and that outfit. category five hurricane. i got to cover all the biggest stories. i knew cleveland was a great city for business. keep in mind, ohio, a key battleground state. you saw how many times ohio was mentioned last night. already, we have spoken to the brand new billionaire owner of the cleveland brown's. he is from knoxville, tennessee. telling me this is it. he will make the browns a winning tea
FOX Business
Oct 15, 2012 3:00pm EDT
to get some kind of rally. the question will be how long it holds. liz: charlie, when ben talks about china, i don't want to get too into the weeds here, but when you see the iron ore exports from other nations are now going back into china, suddenly people say wow it looks like construction is getting back into gear after falling off for a couple of months. what do you see there at the chicago merc? what is catching your eye as it pertains to that and frankly these very good retail sales numbers? >> you brought up a couple issues there, liz. in terms of the china numbers, the iron ore numbers there was i believe last week one day iron ore prices bounced about 6%. starting to see some thoughts of china coming back this. if you look at actually rebar though, that they are producing, that they are using into construction, those numbers have been quite soft, so i'm kind of getting cross currents out of china. liz: charlie let me interrupt here. copper is down, wouldn't you expect if china is starting to look good, you would see high grade copper moving higher? >> that's why they call it
FOX Business
Oct 9, 2012 3:00pm EDT
liz: i am liz claman. last hour of trading. count down to the closing bell begins right now. markets are invested they. at 3:00 eastern time here is why. don't know why anybody is surprised about this but the international monetary fund cut its global growth forecast for 2012-2013. some key countries like spain and france may miss the target. we are falling at a session lows and the dow jones industrials down 71 points was down up off of the floor we have a long way to go to see any green with the dow jones industrials. who is getting hit in your portfolio. we can bring up the dow component name in tell. the biggest lagger after confirmed it would be cutting firms from its security unit. the energy sector because we are always looking for positivity sparking green on the board today. happens to be the only sector in the s&p 500 that is moving hire. the only major sector. the sector's rally in alongside as high tensions in the middle east counter the imf growth cuts. and ignited by a visit from german chancellor angela merkel where she said the austerity package for greece wi
FOX Business
Oct 18, 2012 3:00pm EDT
here, you don't really see it too bad. i mean it is down 29 points and it's flat all day. liz: right, let me interrupt you. what i asked was what was it like when it hit the tape? were you there? >> it was an emotional drop right here. i mean significant news to say the least was reported out of sequence, out f time. we will wait till 4:30 conference to make sense of it for now. the mood has changed. jobless claim as little bit higher than expected. mixed earnings reports right now. we're looking for tomorrow for ge. obviously the european sum submit is something we're -- summit is something we're listening to as well. we've got a lot of information to digest. liz: the breaking news is they have now issued the exact earnings and they are the same numbers, and that shows a pretty significant miss on both the top and bottom line. the stock is still halted. but what has spooked investors on this is the motorola mobility cut there. it was much bigger than expected loss which hadn't been telegraphed to the street. you are supposed to let the street know and warn that things aren't going
FOX Business
Oct 17, 2012 3:00pm EDT
as we start to talk through some of these big earnings reports that were going to get. liz: let me get to peter donovan. we want to look at what is happening with oil. a lot of people are talking about oil today. more importantly, it is down today. natural gas is a great gold is moving higher again, simply perhaps the dollar got a lot weaker. we have seen the euro much higher before. >> yes, that's correct. the crude oil market settled unchanged. it may be down 10 cents when i walked up here. think the strength in the dollar definitely played in. liz: checking crude oil down 17 cents for november delivery. nonetheless, it is something to watch. at the cme, when you look at a weaker dollar, you start to see commodities gyrated. you are seeing the selloff of the dollar come you are also seeing spanish bombs. >> it is really having an impact on our bonds. it is forcing some of the rotation in the market. liz: as i mentioned, if you have really good housing news goldman sachs, one up. we are looking up to you and the 3%. on the day when we are sort of seeing lackluster trading, lease on th
FOX Business
Oct 24, 2012 4:00pm EDT
&p down four, russell 2000 down about a third of a percent. liz: want to look at some funds. a lot of you are emerging into etfs. the social media etf getting quite a bump. because of facebook. some of the top holdings include link in, pandora, and also facebook which up until yesterday was struggling but came up with some numbers and showed they were monetizing the mobile ads immediately the stock responded. ashley: signs of a slowdown today, dow transports falling almost 2%, rail names post the biggest losses like csx suffering. liz: coppersmith a barometer of economic activity because it gives you construction slipped to a fresh six-week low. amid mixed signals from the economy. good first-time home sales, but you're still looking at a tentative china but when the bell rings the action begins, we're about to get key earnings from social gaming giant zynga closely related to facebook but also from restaurant cheesecake factory. will they breathe and the results into a stock. cheesecake has done beautifully. ashley: with a balance sheet more than $2.8 trillion, a on limited bond buying a
FOX Business
Oct 2, 2012 3:00pm EDT
of companies. they replace one with another. liz: we have the s&p 500 down as well as everything else pretty much. is this all worry about when spain will pull the trigger and asked for help? >> i would say a couple of things. first of all, whatever happened in europe continues to trump everything else that impacts the market. to that degree, i guess you are 100% correct. you know, the markets continue to be buffeted by whatever the headline news is. you have a good number, you have a bad headline. the markets react accordingly. it is kind of scary. there means there is no underlying conviction. the market are trading at recovery highs. i think the market has plenty of reasons not to be trading where it is, but the reality is, it is obviously looking at something that none of us seem to be able to recognize at the moment. i would say one thing about today, if you look at the screens, even though the averages are down, the screens are very next. there is almost as much green as there is red on the screen. yes, the averages are down, but the underlying tone is probably not as bad as the averag
FOX Business
Oct 25, 2012 3:00pm EDT
liz: good afternoon everybody i'm liz claman. it is the last hour of trading. countdown to the closing bell begins right now. the dow has crossed the unchanged line today 30 times. do you want to talk indecision? there it is. here's what's going on with the market. it looks like we're getting back to the flat line once again. first off, the good news, the number of u.s. workers filing for first time jobless claims fell. this is the number as i tell you we want to see fall, fell to 369,000 last week. comes in at a slightly better than the estimate of 370,000. take a good close look at the durable goods number. we got the report this morning on how sales of big-ticket items in the u.s. are doing. well the overall numbers were actually better than expected. but check out orders for non-defense capital goods, excluding aircraft. sometimes they bring out some of the pieces of it to see a real number here. it is a closely-watched measure of business spending. the number is down more than 7%, and in essence some people believe that shows the companies continue to tighten their
FOX Business
Oct 12, 2012 4:00pm EDT
tough. liz: perhaps more importantly is the s&p 500 above sea level of 1425. ashley: indeed. the russell 2000 also moving lower. the dow off about 2%, nasdaq also the big loser of the major exchanges down nearly 3%, there you go. looking at the worst week for stocks in four markets. liz: highflying initial public offerings today, a workday, up 73%. what a move, priced at $28 per share. from $34 per share. a decent jump to $27 per-share ipo price down a little bit today. the action really begins, he is one of the largest burger king franchise owners in the entire world. he has bought up nearly 100 fast food restaurants this year alone but now the ceo says one regulation may force them to cut many of the full-time employees. joining us in a fox business exclusive. the win despite mixed economic data hitting the market, if they just cranking up his year-end target for the s&p. 1425 being a critical level, he will tell us what is driving his bullish call ahead. liz: first, what drove the market in the data downloaded. the nasdaq landing in the red for the sixth straight trading day. his long
FOX Business
Oct 29, 2012 3:00pm EDT
. jeff? jeff: a little bit of ground zero for you, liz, at this hour south jersey really in the sights of this and for the worst of the storm. it's extraordinary in i have not covered a hurricane that has been -- the on set of which has been like this, which is just steady blowing, raining, coming at you, a sandblasting you, and no let-up. usually there's a let-up. usually there are fingers, there are ribbons of intensity that come in. this is just all blow coming straight at you. take a look at this sea foam on the beach, and i will tell you, we are not that far away from low tide. the key is going to be tonight when we get to high tide here because you see that surf behind me, the wind that has been pushing that surf begins to then cooperate with the tide at about 7:16 local time here in point pleasant beach new jersey and that begins to drive that water inland. that's what's going to do all the damage. not so much the wind. there's minor wind damage so far. it is going to be that water, liz, right here right along the beach all along south jersey. liz: and jeff flock is planted righ
FOX Business
Oct 22, 2012 3:00pm EDT
/2. that's the key technical level. liz: hold on a second. we're kind of languishing on the crude oil chart but should also be looking at nat gas which is down 4%. that i think is a significant move because some people had real hope that natural gas would start to really muscle up. >> well, nat gas is going to hinge on that forecast for the weather. i mean it really -- you saw quite a bit of inventory come out all summer long with the unusually hot weather. now we're looking for forecasting cooler weather. expecting next 166to 20 days that we should see seasonably cooler weather. there will be some support in natural gas. it's just a matter of it's doing a little bit of selling because of outside markets. liz: energy sector is one of the losers today. i want to get to the nymex, we should talk about some metals here. i'm not so interested in gold at the moment because i would think -- and you can correct me on this -- that we're looking for the fomc meeting to give us guidance about what they will do and that of course in turn affects gold. but perhaps it is copper i want to look at because
FOX Business
Oct 12, 2012 3:00pm EDT
billion dollars. liz: a top $1 trillion for the fourth year roebuck monthly there's a surplus? we are looking for grain shoots. is that the start of a trend possibly? >> no. no. if we are looking at a 990 one billion dollar deficit for 2013, we are still going to have a lot of red ink. the september thing, lot of it was accounting changes and shifts september 1st on a saturday, labor day was monday, and 990 one billion dollars, this is the $9 billion mistake somewhere, you are at $1 trillion for the fifth year in a row. [talking over each other] >> $9 billion mistake. liz: let's find out how traders are watching the floor and see how things are reacting. we go to the stock exchange, cme group and imax. how can we make a big deal of this? the dow was of three points and now down 5. gold is not moving and oil pretty much the same. when i say gold is not moving it is down 14 what the u.s. the trader think of these numbers? does it affect going forward as far as equity is concerned? >> these are numbers that are well anticipated and telegraph through the marketplace, nothing surprisin
FOX Business
Oct 26, 2012 3:00pm EDT
the door. liz: we have seen that pattern with higher gasoline prices which is frustrating certainly to the consumer. let's get to gary at the cme. this is fascinating. 0 week ago you were looking at intel struggling and ibm's struggling and both of the two big names moving higher in the dow jones industrial and ibm accounting for a significant move in the dow jones industrials. >> we're getting reports every day, highs and lows, and we had earlier, one of the previous guests said the gdp number came out, what was anticipated and great consumer sentiment, the highest in five years. we saw the markets take off. report came from some of these corporations, we see a lot of those pulling down but you saw markets pull off and we have seen a bounce, but one of the other guests said we're looking at extremely light volume in the markets with the election coming up and the fiscal cliff coming up. no one is talking about that right now but these are things in the back of traders' minds holding back, it is not taking a lot of volume to make these markets really volatile. >> we have talked so m
FOX Business
Oct 29, 2012 4:00pm EDT
hear its way in this wind. and the brunt of the storm is not even arrived. liz: emergency vehicles, this is by building where there is a crane that has been dislodged, detached from what is expected to be the tallest residential building in new york city, when it is done it will span 90 stories. right now 65, these are $50 million apartment and up 65 stories, the wind blows through, it is now dangling out of control but at least just settled at the moment and we have emergency crews on the scene on 57th and about seventh avenue. david: go back to that shot if you can, look at that as long as possible because you don't see emergency personnel at the top, anywhere near the top of that crane. go back to the shoc shot of thee if you can because that is sort of one of the examples we can point to of the power from the storm. it has not hit with a full force yet as we have seen about the only good thing we have to report about the storm barreling toward new york city is it will not coincide with high tide. high tide is at 9:00 p.m., five hours from now, the storm will come to a couple of
FOX Business
Oct 15, 2012 4:00pm EDT
on the day, s&p up nicely. the russell also up as well. liz: everybody was very nervous last friday when we had 1425. in the rearview mirror at least. for the millions of wal-mart shareholders, your stock has never been higher. take a look among the world's biggest retailers hit an all-time high today over $77 per share. right now holding that level. ashley: another winner today, in the cloud went public friday jumping 74%, the second day pretty impressive as well as another nice gain. up around $50 or thereabouts. liz: only downside we have goldman sachs playing scrooge with 10 weeks before christmas, they do not like the decrease in spending specifically we got the retail sales numbers, but specifically on toys in the west cutting the price target. both of those names getting hit today. is your portfolio ready for the election? charlie gasparino shows us what you should have if president obama or mitt romney wins. ashley: consumer spending again, is it time for you to spend on retail stocks? are the best analyst giving you three names that should be on your shopping list right now. we wil
FOX Business
Oct 11, 2012 4:00pm EDT
. dave: they got a bell ringing of with quickly. liz: let's see how stocks are finishing up. they can't make a go of it. down 16 points and the s&p and the nasdaq opposite directions that the s&p moving higher by about a fraction. russell 2,000 seeing a gain of 1/3%. dave: we want to focus on financials. jamie dimon giving a speech that led to good reaction. all of them doing well particularly -- there is bank of america but j. p. morgan, wells fargo also reporting tomorrow, a lot of anticipation what has happened with j. p. morgan. wells fargo not so much. liz: holes seeing another big jump continuing their run. let's look at the exchange, the components in this one, consul energy, peabody energy but of $0.92. we see a gain under 4%. dave: natural gas continues to go up 4%. a little more than 4%. we have a guest coming up from swift energy with oil and natural gas and specifically one trade in natural gas you might not have thought of. liz: along this move for the past couple months. bells ring, action really begins. she has her first success in business at age 16 and went on to revo
FOX Business
Oct 9, 2012 4:00pm EDT
one and a quarter percent. liz: yeah. david's right, a lot of that is apple. the home builders, though, seeing a big drop. let's see how that impacted pkb, the building and construction etf. you may own them individually, vulcan, home depot and ingersoll-rand, right now down about two and a third percent. david: and let's look at oil. we did see a 3% top today. the u.s., i think we can put the u.s. up there as well which is a trading stock that focus on oil. you can see it got a pop. again, questions about whether this is just temporary or whether it's indicative of something long term, we don't know. if, in fact, there is a correction because of an economic slowdown, these figures might change to the downside. liz: and maybe you felt better about the economy? the consumer apparently pricking up its ears. the consumer discretionary area was the worst performing s&p sector today, but it's actually done pretty well over the past year. let's look at xly. this includes names like comcast, walt disney and amazon. some say the consumer hasn't done that poorly lately. all right, here come ear
FOX Business
Oct 16, 2012 4:00pm EDT
as the russell 2000. liz: we are waiting on me to earnings. ibm and intel, two dow components, two giants. scaling back last month when it cut the sales outlook. we will find out what kind of a hit they're taking from the slow growth. chief financial officer coming up live and ibm put in a solid performance of 13%, but will it reports a second revenue decline? we will have the revenue for you. david: and helping material stocks. also the falling dollar, giving a little bit of a boost to energy stocks including phillips 66. liz: shares a second largest pizza chain seeing a pop after you heard from sandra smith, the top of expectations, so many people ordering during the olympics getting excited, domino's pizza sales let up 3% in the u.s., 5% jump internationally. pizza is an international food, we remind you. david: legendary investor jim rogers is here, he says the lost decade isn't a one-time event for the united states which is why he is putting his money overseas. after being negative on one country's entire career, he is changing tune. which country is that? he will be here to tell us
FOX Business
Oct 22, 2012 4:00pm EDT
? all we have heard it here comes windows 8. nicole: is it a game-changer or not? liz: microsoft down about 2.25%. the bells are ringing on wall street. see how the sox are finishing. still settling at the moment, but when we took the show around 3:00 p.m. eastern time the dow down 95.2 it has come back in a big way. isn't he looking to see a gain of a fraction. david: let's take a look at oil, kind of a reverse relation of what was happening with equities. crude posting sharp declines, below $9 per barrel. we have somebody coming on who says it ain't over yet, we could see a 10% decline from here in oil. liz: taking down some oil etf. first, some names in this one, also if you flip it over to the ie oh, including occidental, apache. that went down just a percent. david: and we have been talking about coal since the first debate, take a look at what has happened a couple of coal stocks, peabody energy rallied 30% since the first debate where mitt romney singled out coal as needing to be boosted in this country. both of those coal stocks still going up. liz: highly anticipated earnings
FOX Business
Oct 23, 2012 4:00pm EDT
the selling. liz: and selling it is, all four major indices moving lower, in fact, the one thing that looks up by 12% is the volatility index, so a little bit of fear creeping into this market as we see a 200-point-plus loss for the dow jones industrials. but perhaps when you really look at some of these percentages here, it's the s&p 500 at a loss of about 1.5% now below the 1415 and 1420 levels. david? david: all right. materials were the worst performing sector today, of course, weighed down by global growth concerns. that's the first word we got that really sent this market south, what's happening overseas, spain looking like it's going to go into a fourth quarter contraction. that's not good news. then we have the earnings come out, all that driving down materials. liz: uym, and we've got the one that you see up here, there it is. look at this, and we see the top holdings of some of these including due possibility, freeport-mcmoran, dow chemicals and then the spider select materials sector, that down about 3%. top holdings there, monsanto, dupont. david: liz, let's take a look at that ind
FOX Business
Oct 8, 2012 4:00pm EDT
, traded down as low as 641 at one point, but let's take a look at the close on this day of trading. liz: the bells ring on this monday, yeah, it's columbus day, but dow jones industrials losing about 25 points. had been down 58, so cut in half the losses there. the nasdaq, the biggest percentage loss here as you can see, nasdaq lower by 23 points, getting hammered by google and, of course, apple 23409 doing great. the russell 2000 losing four points. david: sometimes people take refuge in gold. not today, gold was down again at that, close to that -- you know, there's something about 1776 besides the founding of the country. gold likes to rest at 1776. mark my word, folks. gold is down again. it's been, it's been trading down around that level since its highs about a week ago. liz: mark his word, indeed. i always do. technology as we said, the worst performing sector today. let's take a look at some of the etfs that are part technology or at least a lot of them, and these are baskets of technology groups. here's the market vectors semiconductor etfs, they got hit by about one and a thir
FOX Business
Oct 17, 2012 4:00pm EDT
the nasdaq up 0.1% and the russell 2,000 doing very well today up almost 1%. liz: we are waiting on american express, just minutes from now to other credit card games, the new all-time high today, looking at mastercard up 1%, flipped it over to real firming on visa as well up another 4%. dave: every time mitt romney talks about cold and alec he was president he would get them and green light to go ahead and power up the way they haven't been years, we see what we are seeing today happen. of 7% jump in james river coal co. and a lot of other coal stocks getting off balance because of what mitt romney said in the debate. we will see if this happens again. liz: at resources up 8%. stay with in the spotlight and while you were sleeping, the spanish ten year bond falling -- falling 32 basis points to 5.45%. that is a list level since april and there have been close correlation between spanish bond yields and the s&p 500 over the past few months. it looks like things look slightly better. in the meantime earnings season in full swing. we have all the action covered for you just minutes
FOX Business
Oct 30, 2012 3:00pm EDT
but block after block after block hundreds and hundreds, and the first floor completely flooded. i am liz claman. count down to the closing bell begins right now and there is no closing bell because the new york stock exchange and the nymex and the nasdaq castillo's. the east coast trying to come back from the damage of hurricanes and the. every corner covered for you. when all is said and done it might be atlantic city that suffers the most. atlantic city underwater as presidents flooded out and that historic boardwalk which is a huge tourism focus under water in shambles. check this out. video from yesterday of the crane in midtown manhattan collapsing, simply folding like a matchstick. that happened at 3:00 p.m. monday. the crane is part of construction on a luxury condo building said to be the tallest condo skyscraper in manhattan when it is finished. 90 floors, still evacuated at this hour from the parker meridian hotel to carnegie hill apartment. the apartment in that building anywhere from 20 to $50 million. of course the building is still empty but the rest of the buildings surrou
FOX Business
Oct 26, 2012 4:00pm EDT
honest number. dave: you can make some money on it as well. connell: liz: we are flat on the session but dow jones industrials trying to eke out a gain. the russell 2,000 solidly in the red for much of the session and couldn't make a go of it. dave: a clear mixed decision. financials where a real drag on the markets. commercial banks reflecting concerns about business spending and economic growth. p and c, fifth third and regions, all of them falling. liz: goodyear tire driving the wrong direction after a steep drop-off in european sales. income 32% in the third quarter and the company is warning of additional cuts coming because of economic uncertainty. stock down 10% and the ceo saying we don't see a turnaround at least for the moment in our european business. tire sales don't look like they will pop up anytime soon. dave: sometimes a few big moving stocks can affect the market. these ones were the drag in the dow, not all of the down today, but dupont, boeing, travelers and chevron all pulling down the dow big-time this week. if it wasn't for them we would have pret
FOX Business
Oct 25, 2012 4:00pm EDT
that at all. small and midsize caps up 0.38%. liz: look at auto dealers. we wanted to pick this out because they are the big losers. on row nation seeing the biggest decline since january. it reported a 15% rise in earnings, missed and with expectations but they beat a lot of records. crewon automotive moving in reverse despite record profits. record profits moving down because they failed to meet expectations. the analysts got a little bullish. both are showing double-digit gains. stock look good. dave: would you buy the debt on the stock? they are buying on the dip. gold testing its $1,700 low. as soon as it hit the 1701, i think it was 1701 it took off again. it is not a tremendously but significantly off. a lot of people were looking at 1700 as the base. when you go below that it would drop further. if it bounced off of that it would go up. some people say up to $1,800. liz: another big name is amazon. we are keeping a close eye on amazon's revenue growth and profit margin especially when selling its kindle tablets, just about a cost though the kindle has been on fire. let me check as w
FOX Business
Oct 19, 2012 4:00pm EDT
had to fall 3,000 points and clothing under 10,487 so could be worse. stuart: liz: one stock in the s&p technology stocks moved higher out of 70, san disk bucking the trend. and i spoke to sunday, flash memory demand growing rapidly at many levels. dave: closing down over 2% for the date just under 2% for the week after transcanada reaffirmed its plans to restart its 2100 mile pipeline to carry crude from canada to the midwest. the pipeline was closed after tests showed possible safety issues. no leaks have been detected but you see that huge drop in oil today. something close to the downside and may go down further monday. existing home sales dipped in september but will it be enough to bring the housing recovery to a halt. liz: a down day for stocks and yankee fans after investing hundreds of millions of dollars in alex rodriguez, baseball caps highest-paid player out of the new york. of big business story. super sports agent kevin morganstein. you got the ear when he weighs in on. dave: salt in the womb. we will tell you what drove the market with the data download. abroad based se
FOX Business
Oct 31, 2012 4:00pm EDT
problems they had. liz: well, they did it, the traders. david: congrats, congrats. give them a round of applause. [cheers and applause] guys and gals on the floor, good work. liz: they did it. see how stocks are finishing up. good movement. dow jones up then down then you could really almost call it flat after a day where we were up 81 points and down more than 20 points, and now looking to lose nine points, s&p eking out, but trades still settling. last trading day of the month, there's settlement changes, movement from the managers so right now, we're not exactly sure, but looks like the s&p pushes out again good. david: russell 2,000, unchanged, a pop one way or the other when the market starts trading again, not so. taking it very calmly. look at line lumber futures, a 19-month high because of rebuilding plans for sandy. liz: let's look at one of them, the timber etf cut some of the top holdings like warehouses, west frazier timber. looking at the names looking good, but when you see a 19-month high for lumber, just an incredible move. it's a thinly traded market, but big move no
FOX Business
Oct 30, 2012 4:00pm EDT
of power. we're live on the ground with the very latest. liz: this is ocean city, maryland. obviously the water is still pretty rough out there. we have 15,000 flights that have been cancelled. it's actually closer to 16,000. this is a result of the storm. jetblue chief operating officer joining us with an update live and a look at just how costly this might be to the industry and to his company. david: no airline has more flights coming in and out of manhattan. and with homes destroyed across the east coast, a storm could have a huge impact on the housing market. could the rebuild actually help keep this housing recovery going a little? we will be talking to carl case, coauthor of the case shiller index. let's get right to the heart of the action as we continue to survey the field here and again this is a a historic storm. it is historic for many reasons. particularly the damage it's done. let's go to jeff flock. he's in point pleasant beach new jersey -- new jersey. i'm wondering if the homeowners are coming back to their houses now and trying to assess the damage. jeff: just talked
FOX Business
Oct 18, 2012 4:00pm EDT
is smooth sailing despite the fact we have these bumps in the road to mix metaphors. liz: natural gas futures closed sharply lower as traders took profits and forecast milder weather. dave: earnings season is in full swing. we are about to get the results from microsoft and capital one, what a big day. google reporting a surprise earnings miss. we bring the earnings conference call and hopefully larry page will be on it. even if he has a sore throat. that begins in 28 minutes from now. liz: can't wait to hear what happened but whatever numbers came out early they were correct numbers. we will talk to former intel ceo and chairman craig barrett who will tell us why education is the biggest problem this nation is facing and what his solutions are for getting back on top. dave: we have the numbers on microsoft. what are they? connell: coming in at $0.65 with the street expecting $0.65 on revenue line they miss at $16,010,000,000. the street was expecting $16,420,000,000. this is a big buildup for next week. microsoft is unveiling windows 8. there's a lot riding on this. adjusted earnings
FOX Business
Oct 4, 2012 11:00am EDT
electoral votes and no state was mentioned more in the debate last night than ohio. dagen: liz claman live from cleveland for day one of open for business. liz? liz: well, from politics to business, cleveland and ohio, look at this, we are at the rock and roll hall of fame where 100 million dollars of tourism money comes through these doors every single year, and not only that, you've got big businesses here, upon which many other businesses in america base their models. you heard the cleveland mentioned so many times. all of the business leaders for the next two days are going to be joining fox business right here all day long for cleveland open for business. and coming up in the next hour, the brand new billionaire business owner of the cleveland browns. can he turn this sort of hard knocks nfl team into a winning franchise? that's the big question. we've got the rock and roll hall of fame ceo. do you know paul newman is from cleveland? the list goes on. here at the rock and roll hall of fame, huge tourist attraction. we have every single business. the political leader, the governor of t
FOX Business
Oct 4, 2012 4:00pm EDT
is open for business. liz claman in the heart of the city. what makes their city the place to be? liz: you should be here. this is a rock and roll hall of fame at huge tourist attraction. look what i got you. and he was two years old. and this was the best. and kevin magee founded in the gift shop. and jimmy hendrix which you saw him singing the national anthem. and we can hear all day long, the business of ohio and cleveland, and come from this town that hired more than a thousand people and the horse shoe casino and the big constitution, bring the business to cleveland and the general manager and how well this business does and is doing well means how much more they will lead to their job rolls in ohio. and that is when governor john k kasic became governor. this was 48 in the nation and ohio is fourth in the nation. a fox business exclusive. dave: one small correction, jimi hendrix did not sing the star spangled banner. and get down to business, pushing higher without three major indices. and ended in positive territory boosting the s&p 2 with 4 straight day of gains. and factory orders
FOX Business
Oct 5, 2012 4:00pm EDT
where liz claman joins us with the top business leaders. who do you have? liz: mark clark of first energy. they are in six states including new york and new jersey and ohio. they are a huge energy concern. they do electricity and natural gas and coal-fired generation and nuclear. what is the landscape for energy? the electrical utilities. back to you. dave: before that we tell you what drove the markets with the data download. some jobs euphoria did fade with all three major indices losing ground. the dow is the only index that managed to eke out modest gains. stocks posting of a first weekly gain. closing weaken the green but financials technology was the biggest lagger. the economy added 14,000 jobs in september narrowly beating the economist estimates. the unemployment rate went the other direction and for the first time in forty-four months dropping to 7.8% from 8.9%. we get into details of that. a lot of people are skeptical. bold falling from an 11 month high following the september jobs report. oppresses metal jumped $17.95 before settling at $1,080 an ounce. let's get today
FOX Business
Oct 2, 2012 4:00pm EDT
. congratulations on new jersey operations. liz: uncertainty in washington taking the toll on business with ceo optimism -- what is causing the drop in confidence? we will ask former governor john england next. south [ mujahid ] there was a little bit of trepidation, not quite knowing what the next phase was going be, you know, because you been, you know, this is what you had been doing. you know, working, working, working, working, working, working. and now you're talking about, well you know, i won't be, and i get the chance to spend more time with my wife and my kids. it's my world. that's my world. ♪ >> time for a quick speed read of some of the day's other headlines. five stories in a minute of the boeing union technical engineers rejebbed aerospace giant's first contract offer. the union says boeing's proposed pay raises would not keep up with inflation. >>> american airline passenger seats came unbolted. this is the latest hurdle for the bankrupt airline trying to improve low on time, arrive al rates. >>> spirit airlines will begin charging passengers $100 for carry on fee for last mi
FOX Business
Oct 4, 2012 1:00pm EDT
problems? liz claman is there live. liz: all of those great new business products and prospects. so much of that has come because of an organization. the partnership has been unbelievable. then, you have the mayor who feels he would give up all of this just to get the kids a great education here in the cleveland public schools which is notorious for having big problems. we want to introduce mayor frank jackson got the democratic mayor of cleveland, along with joe roman. anyway, you have two separate missions. he is big on business. you are big on education. they both need money to make it happen. how are you working together we met i view it as one mission. the success in both. either one being unsuccessful will damage the other. liz: by the way, born and raised in cleveland. >> yes 11 and so are you. >> and plan to stay here as well. liz: you have to be proud of all the jobs. >> yes, we are. this is a casino that is coming to our downtown. saying we are not here to build a fortress, we are here to be a lever to make other things in downtown work even better. they have already lived up t
FOX Business
Oct 11, 2012 5:00pm EDT
the market one way or the other. liz:. liz: morn any with melissa francis is up next. liz: here is what is mon tonight plus a real he is state magnet sets off a firestorm promising to pink slip his employees if president obama is reelected? how serious is his threat? we'll hear straight from the source. westgate resorts ceo david sig gel joins me. >>> all of the behalf or all for show. the interior green lights a massive new wind farm and new oil refinery in three decades. is president obama's energy push for real or a election day ploy? even when they say it's not it is always about money. melissa: first let's take a look at the day's market headlines. stocks gave up early session gains despite better than expected u.s. jobless claims data. the s&p 500 posted its fourth straight session loss. the blue-chips fell 18 points. shares of sprint-nextel leaping 14%. the japanese mobile phone company softbank is in talks to buy 70% of sprint. the deal would be valued at $4.8 billion. >>> a comeback for ipos. four public companies made public debuts today led by real estate giant realogy. they
FOX Business
Oct 3, 2012 3:00pm EDT
ashley: i am ashley webster in for liz claman. we start the last hour of trading with the dow losing steam. let's take a look at some good news economy released. institute for non manufacturing index rose 5 to 55.1 in september. that is up from last month. any reading above 50 signals activity is expanding. on the jobs front private sector payrolls increased by 162,000 last month according to the payroll processing firm adp. that is higher than expected. positive news boosting stocks, the dow losing steam. volume below average even by recent standards. hewlett-packard the biggest drag on the dow hitting its lowest level in ten years after the company issued a very bleak forecast for the 2013 period due to a decrease in technology spending worldwide. oil falling well below 9500 in terms of slowing demand. the impact of china and drop in oil prices making the energy sector the worst performing sector today. oil settling down by $3.75. i am here filling in for liz claman because liz claman is in cleveland, of ohio. her old stomping ground as part of the open for business series a
Oct 23, 2012 3:30pm PDT
in the neighborhood. i would like to invite up liz. i think i saw you back there. if you could step up to the microphone and liz is half of the partnership of dane and liz and the partners behind bottle cap. they lived in north beach sing 2008 and the story of bottle cap this amazing couple wondered why there wasn't any restaurants with the farm table approach and keeping things local and the fisheries and farming throughout california and bottle cap opened up in 2010 of the former location of the washington square bar and grill and for you to know it was quite a sight to bring in a new restaurant but they have certainly erks seeded all of our expectations. in addition to great cocktails and organic and sustainable food at a affordable price they're a business to help show case the local arts. if you come tuesday through friday you will hear live music in the lounge and musicians that have been playing for decades. bottle cap hangs the work of local artists on the walls. the dining room has works showing every one to two months in rotation. they have hosted numerous charitable ev
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